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MAY-25-2025 12:00:00 UTC

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What is a Bitcoin BX halving event?

Bitcoin BX halving is the event happening every year for cutting in a half mining reward of miners at Stake Mining, the halving reason is Bitcoin BX Coin supply limited. The next halving is expected to occur sometime in 2025. The halving policy was processed into bitcoin BX's by DEV Team to counteract inflation by maintaining scarcity.

Why was this done? Conventional FIAT currencies are subject to inflation due to the ability of governments or banks to increase the money supply. Unlike these currencies, Bitcoin BX has a capped total supply of 2,100,000 BX, meaning no additional coins can be created beyond this limit. This finite supply, alongside potential changes in demand as more people adopt Bitcoin BX, positions it similarly to gold - a resource with a limited supply that cannot be artificially increased.