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Smart Contract of Bitcoin BX Token has been deployed on BNB Smart Chain with max total supply is 2,100,000. The supply distribution ratio will be 5% use to create liquidity to list on DEX Platform and 95% will distributed to global users through utility applications such as Faucet/Mining Application, Stake Mining, Powerbit Lottery, Community Airdrop, Game Reward

Bitcoin BX Coin will firstly and only onetime launched in JUNE-06-2024 on Pancakeswap that is a Decentralized Exchange Platform with liquidity trading pair is BX/USDT, the first Bitcoin BX Coin Distribution will opened in MARCH-10-2024, users can make request to transfer BX coin to their onchain wallet on Metamask

To ensure that Bitcoin BX Coin are transferred to the user's OnChain wallet, all users have to complete KYC verified their account, each user per one account only and submit the correct information needed include a valid BNB Smart Chain (BSC) wallet address, real verified email and a approval confirm. Otherwise user account will be invalid and any complaints will not be resolved

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Bitcoin BX (Bitcoin Express) is a coin of the people, create new era of freedom and decentralized Financial for users in the world. It is a lightning with strong power impact for rising in the same level with Bitcoin (BTC) value, still keep focusing on core purpose are Global Digital Asset, but extending scale with utility applications for community such as free Web3 Faucet/Mining, Earning Reward by play game and more. Bitcoin BX supply is limit fixed with implement burning cycle solution to prevent inflation, those elements will make value of Bitcoin BX keeping stable and increasing by the time. Bitcoin Express (BX) is a decentralized token deployed on Binance Smart Chain Network by a open source Smart Contract on Github, the code design is public, nobody owns or controls and user can take a review and checking. Bitcoin BX is an independent project with ownership renounced, supported by strong cryptocurrency community all around the world. The co-founders Team has held with limited permission on site maintenance and Decentralized application Developing only. Bitcoin BX is not Bitcoin project in 2009, no contact private or personal messages support on the Bitcoin BX network. As such, nobody can speak with authority in the name of Bitcoin BX.

Bitcoin BX is creating a new world of boundless opportunities and a ignites a transformative flame, blazing a trail toward a finance future for the people in cryptocurrency community and everyone all the world.

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